Spare parts for screw presses

Round parts

Milling out from one piece – very strong structure
Welding (hard facing) by robot in furnace under high temperature
4-5 mm hard layer by side
Unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance
Grinded and polished final surfaces
With threaded holes (easy disassembly)
Sealing groove (viton or stainless steel rings) to save the main shaft
Unique geometric shapes for your process optimization
Round parts are offered in different qualities:

  • 1. CH – case-hardened (standard hardening – tempering)
  • 2. HF – hard-faced with high chromium carbide content welding wire (multi-layer welding)
  • 3. CHX – special steel alloy with double vacuum-hardening
  • 4. HFX – hard-faced with special welding alloy (multi-layer welding)

Cage Bars

Hard faced quality, 4-5 mm hard layer (60 HRC)
With or without integrated spacers
Carefully grinded angles for your high yield
Unique geometric shapes for your process optimizaton

Clamping bars and scrapers

In different qualities: hard-faced, case-hardened, flame-hardened or special tool steel quality (vacuum-hardened)

Main shafts

Up to 5000 mm, with a bore inside up to 3000 mm
From stainless steel, forged steel, 42CrMo4

Spare parts for the following type of screw presses

  • Harburg-freudenberger (krupp)
  • Hum
  • Stork rendering / dupps
  • D.Anderson
  • Keith
  • Masiero
  • Mecanique moderne
  • Miag
  • Olier
  • Reinartz
  • Rosedowns / de smet
  • Sket
  • Haarslev
  • Allocco
  • Moa
  • Farmet
  • Meccar
  • Tremesa
  • Rentec
  • Etc.