about us

T-1 Ada is specialized in producing highly wear and corrosion-resistant precision metal parts for various industries and applications, like oilseed and animal waste processing (rendering). Well-founded know-how, the most modern manufacturing and welding technologies as well as highly qualified employees in connection with three decades of experience in many industrial areas guarantee high precision wear parts and equipment for your process. Precision does not accept any compromises. Wear-resistant parts for screw presses require an accuracy in fitting of one hundred percent as well as guaranteed interchangeability. They also have to be extremely resistant against corrosion and abrasion.

At T-1 Ada, we have always been committed to guarantee and improve our quality standards. We realize this goal through our certification according to  ISO 9001:2008 and through our active quality management on all levels. Customer orientation and customer support is the force that drives us to realize efficient, economic and ecological system solutions. Our corporate objective is the building of long-term costumer relationships that will produce for you a noticeable increase in efficiency and quality in the production area.